This is to inform the members/bargaining unit that the Company and Union have agreed to extend the contract indefinitely with either party having the option to give fourteen (14) days’ notice to terminate the extension.
This is to inform the members/bargaining unit that the Company has been notified that the contract “did not” ratify.

May 17, 2022


Both sides continued to work throughout the weekend trying to beat the expiration of the contract. There was a lot of movement made but there are still a couple of items that remain outstanding preventing a Tentative Agreement. It appears we will not get there by midnight but both sides want to continue to get there but will call it off for the evening and continue on Monday. For now, it will be business as usual for the membership and we will see what transpires on
On Saturday, August 14, 2021, the Union spent most of the day preparing counters and a voluminous request for information to have the company substantiate its outstanding items. The company stated they do not have any research or other departments on standby to work on it. Funny how they agree to a contract and its expiration date but are not fully prepared or working weekends. They expect the employees to answer the phone during their off time! They even expect thei
The company provided answers to our information requests today and we thoroughly assessed and discussed the information and compiled multiple questions for the company. We met multiple times into the evening and asked our questions, tentatively agreed on a few proposals and rejected many of their retrogressive proposals again. Continue working to the rule and sign a non-member! The contract expires Sunday, August 15, 2021, at midnight. We apprec
On Wednesday bargaining became contentious as we met with the company several times and into the evening. The company withdrew a few of their insignificant proposals and felt they deserved credit for doing so. Both sides have tentatively agreed to a few proposals, but lines have been drawn in the sand. Continue working to the rule and sign a non-member! We will be working as long as it is needed up to expiration to bring in a contract for our memb
Today your Bargaining Committee met with the company and made a few counter proposals and a substantial request for information to the company’s retrogressive proposals regarding Pension and VEBA. We are waiting on the company’s response to our RFI so we can assess the information. The company also made a few counter proposals to our Union proposals and we were able to agree in principle on a couple of company and Union proposals.
Yesterday, Monday, August 6, your Bargaining Committee met with the company and went over the Union and Company proposals. The company was not interested in many of the Union’s modest enhancements. Your Bargaining Committee worked on counter proposals late into the evening and will submit them to the company on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.  The company has not provided any counter proposals to the Union proposals at this time. We crafted a few RFI’s for the company’s absurd retrogressive proposa
Today August 5, 2021 your Bargaining Committee met with the company and went over each of their proposals that had been presented to the Union. The Union rejected many of the company’s retrogressive proposals. The company has yet to get back with us on any of the proposals that were presented to the company. The company did provide us with more information on several of the requests that we had submitted. The Union is working late to go over all the information and outstanding proposals that wer
Your Union Bargaining Committee met this morning with the company. We discussed an announcement that was sent to the Union after hours on yesterday regarding the sale of the Arkansas Bargaining Unit to a company called Apollo the announcement the Lumen was selling all CenturyLink in district 6 to Apollo Global Management. We advised the company that this announcement has drastically changed the Union’s approach with respect to bargaining. With a lot of retrogression on the table from the company