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Staff Roster

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District 6 Headquarters

The Parkway, Building One
4801 Southwest Parkway, Suite 145
Austin, Texas 78735

512-330-0871 - Phone
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Derrick Osobase
Vice President

Derrick’s journey in the labor movement began with his early involvement in grassroots campaigns and fervent efforts to empower workers within CWA District 6. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by workers in an ever-evolving job landscape, he championed the need for dynamic strategies that address the aspirations and concerns of CWA members.

With an extensive background in labor relations and advocacy, Derrick has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate complex negotiations, forge meaningful partnerships, and amplify the voices of workers.  His visionary leadership has ushered in a new era of innovation, embracing technology and social media to connect with a diverse membership and engage them in vital discussions.

Derrick’s commitment to building an inclusive and united workforce is evident in his relentless efforts to bridge gaps and promote diversity within CWA District 6. He recognizes that unity is the cornerstone of the labor movement’s strength, and he tirelessly works to ensure that every worker’s voice is heard and respected.

Under his guidance, CWA District 6 has witnessed remarkable growth in membership, influence, and impact. His strategic initiatives have fortified the District’s presence both within the labor community and on the national stage, solidifying its reputation as a force to be reckoned with in advocating for workers’ rights, fair wages, and equitable treatment.

Derrick’s approachable demeanor, exceptional communication skills, and ability to foster collaboration have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers, fellow leaders, and members alike. His leadership philosophy revolves around the belief that the power of collective action is the driving force behind positive change, and he tirelessly works to empower each member to realize their potential within the union.

Recently, on July 11, 2023, he was elected as Vice President of CWA District 6, and he continues to steer the organization toward a future that is marked by progress, unity, and a tireless commitment to the well-being of workers. His legacy is one of passion, dedication, and a deep belief in the transformative potential of organized labor.

He has served in many capacities from Legislative, Organizing, and Political Director throughout his 17 years, leading the union’s political program in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. CWA is one of America's largest and most diverse unions, representing workers in the communications and information industries, news media, airlines, broadcast, cable television, public service, higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, and tech industries.

Derrick is a union organizer at heart and believes that our workplaces are one of the only places left in America where people from different backgrounds, gender, and orientation have an opportunity to build relationships and trust with each other.  He believes that the strength of the labor movement comes from investing in member education that helps build their working class analysis, strengthen their organizing and leadership skills, and empowers them to take collective action at work and within their communities. In the last 10 years, Derrick has worked to build long term political capacity in the state by aligning labor unions and community organizations in Texas, running some of the largest Independent Expenditures that focus on infrequent voters of color.  

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Derrick holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He now lives in Austin, Texas.

Billy Moffett
Assistant to Vice President

Billy began his career with AT&T in Lee's Summit, MO in 1994. After more than a decade of the Company insisting Billy towards a management position, have been a fourth generation Union worker, he knew that wasn't the path meant for him at that time. He got involved with Local 6450 as a Steward, Chief Steward, Secretary/Treasurer (elected), and President (elected twice). In 2015, Billy left his Presidency to become a Campaign Lead for CWA and helped fight back and defeat right to work in Missouri. In 2018, he moved to Austin, TX and became a Staff Representative, as he was very familiar with all sides of the triangle. His career experience made Billy the most crucial fit, allowing him continue to fight for members rights. 

In July, 2023 newly elected Vice-President Osobase requested Billy to become his Assistant, in which he accepted. He currently resides in Kyle, TX with his wife Patricia and youngest Daughter. They have three additional children and two grandchildren who all reside in Missouri and Kansas. 

Jason Vellmer
Administrative Director

Jason Vellmer started his career with SBC in 2000 as a Network Center Technician in St. Louis, MO.  He served as Vice President-ASI in Local 6310 and later in Local 6300, until his appointment to the position of Staff Representative.  He also served as a Steward, Mobilization Chair, Legislative Chair, Community Services Chair, MPLC Executive Vice President, CWA St. Louis City Council Legislative Coordinator, United Way Campaign Organizer, Jobs with Justice Sustaining Member, and North County Labor Club Board Member.  Jason comes from a union background.  His grandfather, James Luetkemeyer, served as a Steward for CWA Local 6310.  Jason attended college at ITT Technical Institute where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering and, upon graduation, was awarded Salutatorian.  Jason gives a special thanks to everyone he served with on the 6310, 6320, and 6300 Executive Boards, and for the support he received in achieving his goals.  He is strongly committed to the members of CWA and rebuilding the Labor Movement.  Jason lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, Danielle, and kids; Caleb, Jacob, and Isabella.  Jason was promoted to Administrative Director effective June 2022.

Nancy Barrios
Administrative Director


Rose Levy
Administrative Director

Austin, Texas Staff Office

The Parkway, Building One
4801 Southwest Parkway, Suite 145
Austin, Texas 78735

512-330-0875 - Phone
512-330-0892 - Fax and PAF Request
512-582-6853 - Other Fax

Cheryl Dawson
CWA Representative
Cheryl started her career with AT&T Mobility in October 2000 as a temporary employee in the Wichita Falls, Texas call center.  She became a full time employee in February 2001 as a Customer Service Representative.  She spent the next 18 years at the call center as the Chief Steward and 10 plus years as the Chair of the Organizing and Mobilization Committees and a member of the North Texas WRC Committee.  Cheryl was promoted to a Staff Representative in July 2019 in the Austin, Texas office and was assigned to handle all Mobility grievances and arbitrations and WRC committee meetings for the District.
Dwayne Webb
CWA Representative
Dwayne worked for AT&T as a Cable Splicer for over 26 years before joining the CWA Austin Staff in May of 2023. He soon relocated to Austin to better engage in his new role with CWA. He served as Chief Steward, Vice -President and President as well as many other positions in the local over the course of his career. He "grew up " in his local as his dad was a member for almost 31 years before retirement. His brother is also a CWA member with 25 years of service. The 3 of them had the privilege of working in the same storeroom for 18 months before the retirement of his father.
Geronimo Guerra
CWA Representative
Yolanda Anderson
District Organizing Coordinator

Yolanda Anderson began her journey with AT&T/CWA in 1999 as a CSR, CST, Splicer, and Prem. Tech. Yolanda became a Campaign lead in 2011, and later, was promoted to Senior Campaign Lead in March 2021. In June of 2022 Yolanda was promoted to District Organizing Coordinator in D6. Yolanda has extensive knowledge, experience and training in the organizing arena.  She is very committed to the importance of organizing initiatives and growing the labor movement.  In 2014, Yolanda was assigned to assist with the American Airlines campaign in Dallas, TX which led to a win. She also led and won the DIRECTV and Cricket campaign in Houston, TX.  

Based on her excellent organizing ability, she assisted with numerous organizing campaigns throughout the country such as West Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Texas. Yolanda assisted and led some of the following campaigns for IHX, APPLE, T-Mobile, Lumen, Maximus, Verizon Wireless and Windstream. Yolanda’s most exciting and historical win was when she led and won the 1st Apple retail store in Oklahoma City, OK on October 14, 2022. She is very dedicated to building lasting relationships with workers. Yolanda also loves spending time with her two young adult sons and currently resides in Houston, Texas.

Seth Hutchinson
Senior Campaign Lead

Born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Seth Hutchinson got his start in CWA in 2006 as an Apprentice Organizer with the Texas State Employees Union-CWA 6186. Over a 13 year span at TSEU, Seth organized state workers in every region of Texas. He eventually rose to the position of Organizing Coordinator for the local and won election to Vice President, a position he served in for 6 years. In 2019 Seth was brought onto District 6 staff as a Campaign Lead and has since been promoted to Senior Campaign Lead. 

Seth holds a BA in Spanish from the University of Central Arkansas and resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Julia, and daughter, Mori. 

Kristie Veit
Campaign Lead
Sheronica Watson
Assistant Campaign Lead
Angela Tumlinson
Administrative Secretary
Nicole Tupa
Membership Dues Specialist
Sherry Stanley
Secretary III

Sherry started her career with CWA in September 2015 as a Secretary II in the District 6 Headquarters in Austin, TX.  She learned the instrumental value of a Union fighting tirelessly for its members while she provided clerical support for several Staff Representatives over the years. In August 2023, Sherry was promoted to Secretary III reporting to the Assistant to the Vice President in District 6. 

Sherry and her partner, Donnie, love spending time with their grandson, Garrett.  They also enjoy going fishing as often as possible; especially at the TX coast.  Combined they have 3 adult children, Erica, Alex and Dustin.

Cindy Maldonado
Secretary II

Dallas, Texas Staff Office

2300 Valley View Lane, Suite 700
Irving, Texas 75062

214-638-3255 - Phone
214-441-9399 - Fax

Mike LoVuolo
CWA Representative










Mike came to the CWA, in 1997 after being fired for union organizing at American Airlines. He brought with him a team of 200 committee members from American Airlines passenger services that had been traying to organize for four years. They were working on organizing their group of 17,000 fellow employees nationwide.  They lost their first election in 1998 and as they were getting ready to file for another election with the TWA merger for 21,000 September 11th hit. Instead of shutting the group down, he built a minority membership local in the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas that grew to over 400 members across the country. 

At Local 6001 he trained an army of stewards, without a contract, who continued to organize their locations and represented employees under the company’s grievance procedure. He was an organizer and served as Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President.  After two failed national elections and two mergers, the group won representation along with US Airways members of the CWA, in 2015.

After starting up two airline locals and training new officers and stewards for over 5000 members in 31 locations within District 6 he became a staff rep in 2016.  He is now working with locals across the state and is responsible for grievance processing, arbitrations, and bargaining for locals that represent employees from AT&T, Verizon, Windstream, and Dish to name a few.

Having moved to Dallas/Ft. Worth in 1983 from Boston, he plans on returning after 19 years in the airline industry and 28 with the CWA once he retires within the next two years.

Sherron Molina
CWA Representative
Sherron Molina is a Staff Rep with 28 years of Telcom experience having worked for AT&T for 25 years. Sherron gained knowledge of Customer Service of both business and residential service before becoming a Communications Tech and then later an Internet Data Center Technician. Sherron is a voracious reader and loves to travel. 
Jose Lozano
CWA Representative
Chase Odle
CWA Representative
Kendra Williams
Campaign Lead
Felicia Randle
Secretary II
Felicia is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She has 5 children and has been working for CWA as a Clerical Rep since 2015.
Cindy Thorn
Secretary II

Cindy Thorn is a Secretary II with successful telecommunications experience. Cindy joined CWA in 2017 and specializes in administrative assistant responsibilities for CWA. She is a strong believer in positive thinking in the CWA workplace, Cindy is proud to contribute to improved efficiency and satisfaction for CWA staff and members.

Cindy worked for Verizon (fGTE) at the Telephone Operations HQ (Las Colinas) location and DexMedia (fVerizon) at the Coppell and DFW Airport locations from 1992 to 2016, assisting C Level Officers and Executive Directors.

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Cindy is registered on the Dawes Rolls as a Native American Cherokee Indian in Tahlequah, OK and is proud of her family heritage. Cindy has participated in organized charity bicycle rides such as Hotter ‘n Hell and MS-150 withhusband, Rick. She has two amazing grown children, Amy and Wes. She loves to boat, fish and spend time with her grandchildren (Alexa, Andrew, Aiden, Ava and Henry).

St. Louis, Missouri Staff Office

10733 Sunset Office Drive - Suite 201
Sunset Hills, Missouri 63127

314-965-9809 - Phone
314-965-9447 - Fax

Kara Hutchason
CWA Representative



Kara Hutchason began her career with AT&T in 1998 as a Service Representative in Cape Girardeau MO.  She has been a CWA member in good standing of Local 6316 since the start of her career.  Kara held the positions of Steward, Chief Steward, and for over 5 years Secretary of the Local.  In addition to her Secretary duties Kara was also the Local’s Legislative Coordinator, State and District Legislative Coordinator where her dedication and commitment helped lead the District 6 to their excellent PAF accomplishments.  She also served as Executive Vice-President of the MO Political Legislative Council, Secretary of the Southeast MO Labor Club, and a Delegate to the Southeast MO Central Labor Council.  She also is a sustaining member of Jobs with Justice.  Kara has a strong foundation of the CWA triangle and is deeply committed to ensuring workers in all walks of life have a positive chance at the middle class lifestyle CWA members enjoy.  Kara is married to Ronnie and are the proud parents of daughter Kaiti, and son Cort.
Gerald Murray
CWA Representative

Gerald began his career with SBC in 1994 as an operator, continued for 20 plus years as a Service Representative and retired as a CAD technician after 28 years. He served as a Chief Steward, member of the Executive Boad, and 4 consecutive terms as President of Local 6507. Gerald was part of the MLI (Minority Leadership Institute) class of 2012. He served three years on the National Civil Rights & Equity Committee, elected to the Southwest Bargaining Committee for 3 terms and served as President of the Arkansas State Council. He is strongly committed to Workers’ rights and ensuring that working people’s voices are heard. 

Gerald is an Army Veteran, having served his country for 10years. He is part of the Veterans Organizing Institute. He currently resides in Little Rock, AR, with his wife Andrette. They have two children Jasmine and Cameron.  

Tammera Chaffee
District Organizing Coordinator

Tammy began her career with Southwestern Bell in July of 2000 as a Customer Service Representative in the repair department at the Wichita, KS call center, and immediately joined CWA Local 6402. During the fall of 2004, Tammy transferred to the sales office where she saw a growing need for representation. It was at this point that she became a steward. She quickly found her niche and was elected to the position of chief steward by her peers.  She ran for, and was elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer in the spring of 2010. While holding the role of Customer Service Representative at AT&T and Secretary/Treasurer at CWA Local 6402, Tammy still found time to dedicate herself to internal organizing. She also educated her co-workers of the importance of organizing, both internal and external.  

Also, Tammy began efforts to really dig into the national T-Mobile campaign by successfully establishing a committee of T-Mobile employees, first while she was a chief steward and throughout her role as an officer of the local. She determined the need for developing and educating a small group of local organizers to assist in the campaign. Tammy’s efforts were noticed and in October 2012 she was offered and accepted a Special Assignment Organizer position with CWA. 

Tammy and local organizers have hosted several joint organizing visits from German ver.di members as well as Local 6016 AT&T Mobility members. In August 2014, Tammy was offered and accepted her current position as District Organizing Coordinator for CWA.

Tammy has also been involved in the American Airlines campaign, Envoy (formerly known as American Eagle), and the TSEU Local 6186 organizing blitz at the University of Texas. She developed strong relationships between CWA and other like minded organizations in Wichita to support each others' struggles, and to move Kansas towards becoming a purple state; she currently sits on the board of KPA (Kansas People’s Action), the political arm of Sunflower Community Action.

Luke Pavone
Campaign Lead

Luke Pavone started his career with AT&T as a Leveraged Service Representative at the Cape Girardeau Call Center in April 2010. He was elected President of CWA Local 6316 in 2015, which he has served until May 2024. During his time as President, he served as a member of the Leveraged Service Representative Committee, AT&T SW/CWA Bargaining Committee for the 2017 Bargaining, President of the Missouri President's Council, trustee for the Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council, steward, and other hats as needed. Luke is a native Chicagoan and relocated to Cape Girardeau several years ago. His dad retired as a union concrete finisher as many in his family have done as well. Luke lives in Cape Girardeau with his wife Andrea, son Dylan, daughter Filomena, and grandson Liam.
Christina Kavanagh
Secretary II
Christina has been committed to the CWA D6 since the beginning of 2019, supporting the membership and district staff.