This is to inform the members/bargaining unit that the Company and Union have agreed to extend the contract indefinitely with either party having the option to give fourteen (14) days’ notice to terminate the extension.
This is to inform the members/bargaining unit that the Company has been notified that the contract “did not” ratify.

May 17, 2022


The Union and Company met today in joint sessions to thoroughly go over the company and Union proposals. The Union questioned the company on many of their proposals. The company is going to provide a presentation regarding the pension on tomorrow. The company has many retrogressive proposals on the table. We are doing our due diligence in asking the company for documentation to justify their need for their proposals. We resume full committee negotiations tomorrow but your committee will still
Bargaining resumed today and as we were meeting with the Company over their decision to sell off DirecTV, we were informed that the deal was completed and would be announced at close of the stock market.
Please see the CWA/DTV Bargaining Report 1 for your reference.
The Company and the Union met again today. The Union passed 20 proposals to the company regarding wages, hours of work and working conditions that we compiled from the bargaining surveys received. The union is reviewing the company's proposals and getting questions and information requests ready to evaluate the company's proposals. We are scheduled to resume negotiations next Tuesday. We ask that you all be ready to mobilize and stay united during this process. The contract expires August 15.
Today the Union and Lumen met to kick off the 2021 bargaining. Both sides gave their opening statements as well as the company passing their proposals for the Union to review. Your Union Bargaining Committee will be going over every proposal the company passed. Both sides will meet again tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28th. Remember to tell your manager that you want a fair and just contract.
AT&T MOBILITY- VSE Settlement Agreement
This is to announce the 2021 contract has ratified. We will work with the Company to proof the agreement as soon as possible.
On today, May 4, 2021, the Union met with the company to resume negotiations for your first contract. Several proposals were passed along with much dialogue regarding them. The promotion proposal was tentatively agreed to leaving only several outstanding proposals left. The Union remains steadfast in getting a fair and just agreement for the technicians and warehouse employees.