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CWA/Apple Retail Bargaining Report #14 Penn Square Location, Oklahoma City, OK

CWA/Apple Bargaining team met today for day two of our two day session for November.

Unlike yesterday, we had a very productive day at the table with Apple. The Union was able to negotiate and finally tentatively agree to some very good grievance and arbitration language. This will give the members a legal binding process to address issues with disciplinary action and also any other violation of the collective bargaining agreement with a grievance. If unsuccessful in the grievance process, the grieved complaint could go before a federal arbitrator for a decision! This is probably one of the single most important pieces of a collective bargaining agreement.

In addition, we continued to discuss and pass proposals on the Company’s request for a timekeeping and attendance based point system. We made some movement here, however we weren’t able to get an agreement as of yet that would work for the Union.

There was a proposal passed by Apple for a significant amount of severance pay if an employee is laid off after working for Apple for over six months. We still have a lot of work on this one; however we are on the right track.

Finally, we did counter with a package proposal that would give us dues deduction and recognition along with our counter to their management rights. We put a lot of work into this package proposal as we want to make sure we have the ability to discuss future changes if we deem necessary.

In closing, we believe through fourteen sessions in seven months we have accomplished some key agreements. Due to the Holidays and leave by both parties, we don’t meet again until January 9th, 2024. The CWA team will continue to meet often to prepare leading up to that session so we can close the gap on everything else we need to secure in our first collective bargaining agreement.

We want to wish everyone and their families Happy Holidays and look forward to 2024!

In Unity and Solidarity,

CWA/Apple Bargaining Team

Kirsten Matson, Technical Expert
Kevin Herrera, Specialist
Darren Griffis, Business Expert
Michael Forsythe, Genius Admin
Jay Albertson, President CWA 6016
Billy Moffett, CWA District 6 Assistant to the Vice-President