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Verizon Select Services Bargaining Report #8

23 Sep, 2010

The Joint Committees met on yesterday and worked into the evening.  The Company presented an Offer For Settlement package that included renewing most of the existing Memoranda of Agreement along with 2 new MOAs on a Voluntary Termination Bonus and Reclassification Requirements.  The Medical plan stayed in tact however, the Company continued to press for monthly premiums.  The Company offered improvement to pension plan minimums that are in line with other Verizon units.  The Team Performance Award remained unchanged at 4%.  The Vision Plan has improvements that would give discounts on laser eye surgery.  The Company backed off of our retirees Voluntary Employee Benefits Plan, however proposed changes for new hires hired after the new contract takes effect. The proposed changes on new hire retiree benefits are in line with other bargaining units.  The package also included renewed Letters of Agreement on Union Recognition, GTE/Contel Pensions, Prevailing Wages, and a new LOA on a Common Interest Forum Trial.

After reviewing the package last night, the Joint Committees agreed to reconvene this afternoon.  The CWA Committee pushed back on the medical premiums and wages. The CWA Committee agreed to continue dialogue on the Reclassification Requirements proposal based on data received today.  While the Company did move some on retirees healthcare and Voluntary Termination Pay, the CWA Committee is pressing for our fair share.  The Company Chair advised that their Committee will consider our feedback this evening.  We agreed to resume negotiations tomorrow morning.  

Strike ballots are being tallied and the results will be final by tomorrow morning.   Further updates will be provided as they become available.  The Committee thanks Local 6132 for providing us with new red shirts to wear today!

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