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Frontier Bargaining Report #110

13 Jan, 2023


Brother and Sisters,

The chairs of both committees met today to discuss the remaining outstanding issues.  We were unable to come to an agreement and have agreed to extend the contract until Friday, February 17, 2023.

Your Committee is focused on reaching an agreement that we feel is a fair and equitable agreement.  With that being said…WE NEED YOUR HELP to do that!!  As we mentioned yesterday, movement at the table has been very slow.  Your mobilization efforts show the company that you, as members, feel strongly about what you deserve in this contract.   Your Committee is only as strong as the membership.

While we will not be sending out bargaining reports until something new develops, that should not stop you from wearing RED on Thursdays and working to the rule.  Ask your manager why there is a hold up at the bargaining table.  Reach out to Nick Jeffery on Yammer and ask him as well as to why there is a hold up?  Don’t forget to tell your managers to delete the job killing MOA, FiOS Jobs of the Future!!

In Unity,
The Bargaining Committee


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