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CWA/brightspeed formerly CENTURYLINK/LUMEN LOCAL 6300, 6311, 6312, 6373 MISSOURI Bargaining Report 3

18 Jan, 2023

CWA/brightspeed formerly CENTURYLINK/LUMEN 

LOCAL 6300, 6311, 6312, 6373 MISSOURI

Bargaining Report 3 

January 18, 2023

CWA/brightspeed formerly CenturyLink/Lumen 

As we last reported the Union and Company met Tuesday, December 20, 2022. The Company rejected our wage proposal and presented us with a wage counter proposal. Your Bargaining Committee met on numerous dates during the holiday to review the proposal. Based on our review, we sent the Company another RFI requesting additional information. 

After review and discussion of the Company’s response, the Union presented the Company with a wage counter proposal that we believe is fair and meets our member’s needs. 

United we Bargain…Divided we Beg!

In Solidarity,
Your CWA Bargaining Committee



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