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CWA/Apple Retail Bargaining Report #8 Penn Square Location, Oklahoma City, OK

Today, the CWA Bargaining team completed our second day of negotiations with Apple’s bargaining team in Oklahoma City, OK.

The morning began with two very quick tentative agreements. The first agreement reached was language regarding a no strike/no lockout policy during the life of an agreement. We hope this signals a continued commitment, by both the union and the company, to foster a working relationship in good faith.

The second agreement reached would contractualize Apple’s current lunch and break policy. During our initial survey process, this was one of the few areas our members indicated satisfaction with. As such, we eagerly made the decision to support the member’s decision to maintain this.

In maintaining not only the theme from yesterday, but also the spirit of our bargaining team’s primary focus at this time, we spent the remainder of the day discussing scheduling as a whole. Part of this discussion around scheduling included a point based time and attendance proposal from the company. We had some very productive dialogue around the scheduling system, clarity around the company’s proposal, and alignment of priorities for both bargaining teams. We are committed to getting a high quality scheduling proposal for our team, given the importance placed on this subject when we initially collected feedback. We also look forward to hearing from our team members as we continue to strive towards a system that provides true work/life balance.

In closing, our next bargaining sessions will take place on September 19th and 20th in Oklahoma City. While we are eager to continue productive dialogue regarding scheduling for our members, it is also our hope that we receive a response to some of the remaining 17 proposals we had passed during our first two sessions. Thank you to our team, our members, and all who continue to support us through this process.

In Unity and Solidarity,

CWA/Apple Bargaining Team

Kirsten Matson, Technical Expert
Kevin Herrera, Specialist
Darren Griffis, Business Expert
Michael Forsythe, Genius Admin
Jay Albertson, Presiden CWA 6016
Billy Moffett, CWA District 6 Assistant to the Vice-President