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CWA/Apple Retail Bargaining Report #13 Penn Square Location, Oklahoma City, OK

CWA/Apple Bargaining team met today for day one of our two day session for November.

Some good news to report first off! The bargaining team was able to address how some key metrics were potentially hurting employees as they were not adjusted appropriately. This could have been pay impacting down the line; however after addressing with the Company’s Bargaining team, there was some miscommunication with store management from corporate and they're being fixed!

The morning began very slowly as prior to lunch we were in our individual caucus meetings for all but approximately 45 minutes. This was frustrating in the fact we came to the table ready to bargain and had proposals ready to go. Our Chair did mention the frustration with their lead bargaining attorney, however was told they were busy discussing what was presented to them and possible counters. This is a situation we are paying close attention to as they will only bargain with us two days a month! If this continues, we will be speaking with our legal counsel and the NLRB.

The Union passed two counter proposals today. One was for scheduling and availability and improving this process with an additional bargained for position to handle scheduling in the store. We also passed a counter to grievance and arbitration in which we are super close to obtaining!

The Company passed a counter proposal for several Apple time away benefits to keep them intact, and we are discussing a counter to pull the ones out where we want to bargain stronger language (paid sick time being one of them). The Company passed a counter proposal to the timekeeping and attendance policy (point system). There is a ton of work to do on this one. They also passed an amended healthcare proposal in which we are still waiting for a list of what benefits the Company doesn’t plan to give moving forward. Our attorney is assisting with this one as we were initially denied this request.

Overall it didn’t seem like the Company came prepared today and spent a lot of time stalling. We will report out tomorrow after day 2 of this session.

In Unity and Solidarity,

CWA/Apple Bargaining Team

Kirsten Matson, Technical Expert
Kevin Herrera, Specialist
Darren Griffis, Business Expert
Michael Forsythe, Genius Admin
Jay Albertson, President CWA 6016
Billy Moffett, CWA District 6 Assistant to the Vice-President