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CWA/Apple Retail Bargaining Report #11 Penn Square Location, Oklahoma City, OK

CWA/Apple Bargaining team met today for day one of our two day session for October. Due to scheduling conflicts, today's session was moved to Monday and Tuesday with us starting at 1pm today.

The afternoon session began with the Union passing an amendment for weekend differentials that would add a differential to any hours worked on Saturday and Sunday. There was not much discussion by the Company, however they understood our proposal.

The Union did pass a counter proposal for classification of employees classifying part time employees as twenty (20) hours or more (Company had previously passed fifteen (15) hours or more).

The Company passed a counter to four of our proposals for grievance, arbitration, mediation, and stop the clock tied into one proposal. Lots of discussion took place and work needs to be done; however it appears we are on the right track of getting grievance language!

The Company also passed a counter to Union leave time which was also close to what we need, but we will work on a counter for tomorrow.

In the evening session, the Union passed counters on timekeeping and attendance which was a lot of discussion. This proposal was discussed at great length and needs a lot of work before we counter.

We did end the day with a counter from the Company on a Working Relations Committee that will meet twice a year to bring attention to store issues. This was tentatively agreed to this evening.

We are scheduled to meet again tomorrow at 9am.

In Unity and Solidarity,
CWA/Apple Bargaining Team

Kirsten Matson, Technical Expert
Kevin Herrera, Specialist
Darren Griffis, Business Expert
Michael Forsythe, Genius Admin
Jay Albertson, President CWA 6016
Billy Moffett, CWA District 6 Assistant to the Vice-President