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CWA Local 6218/Consolidated Communications Bargaining Report #9

22 Sep, 2022

The Union and Company continued negotiations in person on 9-22-22.

The morning session began with discussion on Health Care and what the Company’s cost is. The Union made a strong point that the cost per employee to the Company has actually gone down since the last contract. We even showed an analysis where they are projected to save on average $6,000 per employee over where they were from 2017 – 2019.

Discussion took place on extending MOA that would guarantee contractors a permanent job in customer service after 6 months. In the afternoon per the Company’s request, a proposal was passed by the Union to extend the MOA in the new contract.  Also in the afternoon, we passed the Union counter to the new position being created called a Broadband Installer with an attached wage proposal.

The Union continues to work thru Healthcare and what that will look like with the current Company proposal and preparing our counter proposal.

Our next scheduled bargaining session is virtually on Tuesday, October 4th.

Remember the Contract expires at midnight on October 15, 2022.
Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize!

United we Bargain……Divided we Beg!

In Solidarity,
Your CWA Bargaining Committee


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