BumperActive.com Bargaining Report #1

The Union and BumperActive.com opened negotiations this morning, January 12, 2021, in Austin, Texas. Your CWA Bargaining Committee consists of CWA District 6 Representative Charlie Torres, Local 6132 President Jason Peavler, VP Sonja Lopez, Steward Olivia Trevino, and Michael Pollock. The Company is represented by the owner Kyle Johnson and General Manager Travis Jarrell.


After opening remarks from the Company, they presented their proposals in a revised draft of the CBA. The Company was advised that this was not the proper format in negotiating a new contract. The Company did highlight items they were interested in changing and adding to the CBA. The Union gave the Company their preliminary responses on each item.


Your CWA Bargaining committee made opening remarks with emphasis on a fair contract. Your Bargaining Committee presented to the Company proposals on fair wage increases and healthcare in addition to several proposals that were submitted from the membership. The bargaining teams recessed for the day and will reconvene on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.


In Solidarity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee


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