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Avaya Bargaining Report #5

08 Sep, 2023

Brothers and Sisters, 

We hope this report finds you in good health and spirits. As your dedicated Union Bargaining Committee, we are here to deliver a message that demands your attention. The ongoing negotiations for a successor agreement at Avaya have reached a critical juncture and it's time to take aggressive action to secure the rights and benefits you deserve. 

Wages and Titles: The Company's proposals on titles and wages fall short of our expectations. Our bargaining team is scrutinizing their counterproposals and we won't settle for anything less than fair compensation. 

Cuts Across the Board: The Company's proposal can be summarized by their desire to make cuts across the board. We will not back down until these concerns are adequately addressed. 

Termination Allowance: The current termination allowance is under intense debate and we stand firm on this issue. 

Protection of Crucial Programs: The Company wants to discontinue programs crucial to our members. We will not let them take these benefits away without a fight and discussions will continue. 

Voluntary/Involuntary Language: Our discussions regarding Voluntary/Involuntary language are ongoing and we must ensure that your rights and needs are safeguarded. 

Benefits/Retiree Benefits: This is a matter of utmost importance, especially for our senior workforce and retired members. These benefits are non-negotiable. We will fight to preserve them. 

Tentative Agreements: We've achieved tentative agreements on significant fronts, including Alliance, Education and Development and the Constructive Relationship Committee. However, we must understand that these are only small victories in a long and arduous battle. We won't rest until every aspect of your employment is secure. 

Continued Negotiations: We have crucial negotiation sessions scheduled in the coming weeks, including a week-long, in-person session September 18-22, 2023, in Durham, North Carolina. Your presence and active participation are imperative as we strive to make your voices resonate. 

Mobilization Efforts: We call upon each one of you to join these efforts and demonstrate our unwavering unity and strength. Stay in contact with your local mobilizer and stewards. 

Bargaining Reports: Stay informed through official communication channels: e-mails, newsletters and the website. Your active involvement and unwavering support for the bargaining committee are reinforcing our position at the table. We demand your engagement and unity throughout this process. 

In Solidarity, 

Brian Sawyer, Staff Representative 

Sandra Strain, CWA Local 6016 

Richard Chittenden, CWA Local 6215



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