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Avaya Bargaining Report #4

Brothers and Sisters, 

The bargaining team wishes to thank those who were able to join us in Denver last week and support our in-person negotiations: We were glad to see the red shirts each day supporting our effort to obtain a fair and equitable contract. We believe this was also noticed by the Company. 

Continued Virtual Negotiations: As we progress through negotiations, the Company’s primary focus continues to be streamlining the contract and cutting costs. They proposed multiple Union concessions on termination payments, medical benefits and bonus program cuts. As their proposals were adamantly rejected, we remain vigilant in securing improved economics, job security and retirement security for our members. 

The next couple of weeks: We continue to research the present day's costs to members and draft proposals to secure a reasonable and fair balance of those costs to be presented at our next virtual meeting on September 5th and multiple virtual sessions scheduled throughout September. 

Future in-person negotiations: Our next face-to-face meeting is scheduled for late September in Raleigh/Durham NC. 

Transparent Communication and Involvement: We understand the significance of keeping you informed about the progress of negotiations. Regular updates will be shared through official communication channels, including e-mails, newsletters and the union website. Your involvement in union activities and support for the bargaining committee plays a necessary role in reinforcing our position at the table. We encourage you to remain engaged and united throughout this process. 

Your Support Matters: We want to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and solidarity. It is your collective strength that empowers us to stand firm and negotiate for a contract that enhances the well-being of every CWA member at Avaya. Together, as a united front, we can achieve positive outcomes that benefit us all. 

In solidarity, 

Brian Sawyer, Staff Representative 

Sandra Strain, CWA Local 6016 

Richard Chittenden, CWA Local 6215