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AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #1




The Union opened up bargaining today with an opening statement highlighting the many improvements we are seeking in the 2024 Labor Agreement. We are committed to negotiating a contract that addresses our members’ demands for a strong contract with improvements to wages, benefits and working conditions that reflect the value they bring to the Company and our customers. 

The Company’s fourth quarter for 2023 included $32 BILLION in revenues with $22.4 billion driven by wireless and fiber. Well trained Union represented members have played an instrumental role in Mobility’s continued recognition as the nations fastest and best network. 

We ended our last negotiations at the start of a devastating pandemic, and while we have returned to our normal routines, we will never forget those that we lost during that time and the sacrifices we made. Our bargaining unit members kept AT&T solvent and profitable through some of the hardest years in our history. CWA represented employees were the face of AT&T for many customers who relied on our products and services during that time. Despite the risks, employees showed up because they knew that their communities were depending on them. 

Our members are proud of the roles they played, but now they are struggling to provide for their families in the midst of a drastic increase in the cost of living. Today we made it very clear to the Company that a substantial wage increase is a top priority for this round of negotiations. 

All of us here today are committed to building on AT&T’s success. In light of the status of AT&T’s financials, there is no reason for any concessionary proposals from the Company. In District 6 we are rightfully proud of our work! The changes to the agreement we will be presenting to the Company are intended to provide a foundation for AT&T’s growth while ensuring that our members share in the Company’s prosperity through a substantial wage increase. 

Your bargaining team wants to thank you for all the support you are providing across the District. We appreciate the warm welcome Local officers and members from Local 6132 greeted us with, as we arrived to meet with the Company for the first time today. Please continue to participate in local mobilization activities.