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Airline Passenger Service Workers Call Attention to Passenger Rage Incidents and Encourage Civility in a New Ad

No matter where you’re from or where you work we all want to be treated with decency and respect. However, some disgruntled travelers are taking their frustrations out on the very people who make their travel safe and secure. Airline passenger service agents, members of Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 6001, in Euless, Texas released a digital advertisement campaign, ahead of the holiday travel season, to raise awareness about the rise in passenger rage incidents and encourage civility among passengers. The ads are currently running on Facebook and Instagram, in Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma. 

CWA represents more than 20,000 passenger service agents around the country, who are responsible for assisting passengers and keeping our air travel on schedule and safe. Incidents of passenger rage including physical and verbal assault directed towards passenger service agents have been steadily increasing, putting their jobs in jeopardy.

“A lot of the agents are sharing with me the hostility that the passengers have for them for having to hold so long,” said Deborah Johnson, a tariff agent for a major airline and CWA Local 6001 member, in one of the ads. She added, “I'm someone's wife, I'm someone's mother, I'm someone's daughter, I'm someone's sister, I'm a human being. And all I wish is that you treat me with respect.”

The recent uptick in disruptive passengers, both in terminals and in the air, coupled with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic have created a hazardous working environment for frontline workers. Ahead of the holiday travel season, we are encouraging passengers to be patient and treat the passenger service agents, who are there to help, with the respect and dignity they deserve so together, we can all make it to our destinations safe and sound. 

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About CWA: The Communications Workers of America represents working men and women in telecommunications, customer service, media, airlines, health care, public service and education, and manufacturing, including more than 20,000 passenger service agents who work for American Airlines and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Envoy Air and Piedmont Airlines. @cwaunion