CWA Local 6300

We would like to thank everyone that attended the CWA Golf Tournament on September 17th. We had a great turnout; the weather was beautiful except for the enormous number of bees in the area.

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Job Title               Work Address                Selected Employees          NCS Date        Select Date      Report Date
Supplies                  829 W MAYFIELD RD.        SALAS, ARNULFO       02/26/1997--05/02/2022--05/15/2022
Attendant                ARLINGTON, TX   76015
Systems                  5711 98TH ST.                     BORUNDA, EDGAR        11/25/2009--05/04/2022--05/29/2022
Technician               LUBBOCK, TX   79424

Job Title--Work Location--Selected Employee--NCS Date--Offer Date--Start Date    

Customer Services Technician--109 BAILEY RD, El Dorado, AR--FLOWERS, ALF--05/03/2013--04/11/2022--05/15/2022     
Assistant Customer Service Technician--14575 PRESIDIO SQUARE BLVD, Houston, TX--CAZARES, JORGE--10/05/2014--04/25/2022--05/15/2022    
Supplies Attendant--14012 WELCH RD, Farmers Branch, TX--HELM, KURT--03/01/1999--04/28/2022--05/15/2022   

Job Title  Work Location   Selected Employee  NCS Date--Offer Date--Start Date

Job Title        Work Address      Selected Employees     NCS Date--Select Date--Report Date
Cable Splicing        1830 RANGER HWY.    YEATS, JIM    05/13/1996--04/15/2022--05/01/2022
Technician              WEATHERFORD, TX   76088
Cable Splicing        9005A CULLEN LN.    REYNA, DAVID  10/07/1996--04/15/2022--05/15/2022
Technician              AUSTIN, TX   78748
Combination           227 MIMMS AVE.       MEEKS, LLOYD    11/03/1997--04/15/2022--05/01/2022

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