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Officer Elections - Tuesday 11/10/2020 through ZOOM @ 8:00p.m.

NOMINATIONS for the following positions will be on Tuesday 11/10/2020 through ZOOM @ 8:00p.m. Please share this information with your co-workers.


  • Duties of the President are as follows:
  • Shall preside at the meeting of the local and shall be responsible for the conduct of the Local including:
  • The prosecution of the grievances and appealing them to a higher level of the Union, if not satisfactorily settled.
  • The supervision of all Committees of the Local.
  • Shall approve all bills/invoices to be paid by the Local Secretary- Treasurer and countersign checks drawn on the Treasury of the Local.
  • Monthly stipend = 5 hours of normal rate.



  • The local vice president shall work under the direction of the Local President, and the Local.
  • The Local Vice President shall assume the duties of Chief Steward.
  • Work with and direct Stewards to best represent the membership.
  • Assist and direct the work of Stewards.
  • Handle grievances.
  • Monthly stipend = 4 hours of normal rate.



  • Maintain a record of the Local membership, and minutes of all Local meetings.
  • File Quarterly reports with the IRS and TWC, File a yearly unemployment report with the IRS, and a yearly report with the DOL.
  • Be responsible for furnishing the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union with all the proper forms signed by the Local Officers, which are required by State and Federal laws, immediately upon their execution.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer shall furnish both the District 6 Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Union with two copies of any changes in the Local Bylaws within ten (10) days after such changes are made.
  • Be custodian of all the assets of the Local and shall make a report at each meeting, and shall be bonded, as must any other person who handles Local funds or other property, in accordance with the Union Constitution or any State or Federal Law.
  • Pay all bills approved by the Local President.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Local President or the Local.
  • Works under the direction of the President.
  • Monthly stipend = 4 hours of normal rate.