This is to inform the members/bargaining unit that the Company and Union have agreed to extend the contract indefinitely with either party having the option to give fourteen (14) days’ notice to terminate the extension.
This is to inform the members/bargaining unit that the Company has been notified that the contract “did not” ratify.

May 17, 2022


As you know, we rolled out our District 6 Organizing Initiative in January during the District 6 Conference in El Paso. Since that time, many Locals have been working to make face-to-face contacts with non-members. Some Locals have engaged in external organizing efforts as well. I have periodically provided updates on some of the successes that Locals have achieved. Below are a few of the highlights and notable efforts from the past five weeks. Please note that, while the number of new members for some Locals listed below may not appear to be large, they are included here because they represent a significant percentage of the Local?s non-members. Additionally, this is not a complete and comprehensive list of all organizing activities throughout the District.
District 6 organizing updates from Mark Franken, Area Director.
Information on the District 6 COE and Women's Committee Conference on October 16th, 2010.
Organizing update from Mark Franken, Area director.
Today, May 5, 2009 your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the City of Broken Arrow.