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Frontier Bargaining Report #62

07 Oct, 2022


Brothers and Sisters,

This week in review; we have TA’d 2 Union proposals in an attempt to move the table along to get YOU a fair contract. It comes as no surprise to the committee; the company has not passed anything until today, FRIDAY.

Your committee also had to address the INTIMIDATIONDISCRIMINATIONCOERCION and

HARASSMENT regarding the comments made by the 1st line manager Joe Bruso to the technicians in

Plano. We are waiting on the company to provide the answers in writing on this.

In “The Connection” notice sent out today by the company they proclaimed “You Radiate Pure

Awesome!” What you should be asking yourself is “Does the company really think this?” The company may think you are “awesome” but they are not willing to show you this based on their proposals in benefits and wages. Actions speak louder than words, and Stratton has $48 million actions.

Think about it…

More than ever we need your support!! Your Bargaining Committee is only as strong as the membership. With 1 week remaining under the current contract extension, management needs to know how important these items are to YOU!!

Some of the membership received the following email form a SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT IN THE


From: Rodriguez, Mary Pat <>
Sent: Friday, October 7, 2022 11:12:11 AM
To: Rodriguez, Mary Pat <>
Subject: Important CA Bargaining Update


Bargaining continues.  

As we reported last week, we are down to one issue: the CWA’s demand that we eliminate the FiOS Jobs of the Future Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and contractors performing fiber construction during our build. This demand would put our fiber build, and all of our jobs, in jeopardy.  

In an effort to resolve this log jam, we have proposed establishing and funding an Apprenticeship Training Program. It would: 

·Create a pool of highly skilled, diverse CWA-represented technicians who can meet our staffing needs going forward, and who could also fill needs that would otherwise be filled by contractors. 

·Establish a partnership with the CWA to recruit and employ diverse candidates through joint recruitment efforts that include outreach programs utilizing community colleges, local high schools, Veterans groups, local associations, and governmentally sponsored programs. 

·Pay apprentices while in training to eliminate issues associated with having to pay for or take out loans to cover training. 

·Be funded by our company up to at least one million dollars.   

We owe it to our customers, and we owe it to all of you who depend on us for your livelihood, to complete the fiber build as quickly as possible. We can’t do that without workers.  

We have emphasized repeatedly to the CWA that we cannot find sufficient applicants to fill posted vacancies and have serious concerns about the availability of sufficient labor to meet our objectives now and in the future.    

We have offered the Apprenticeship Training Program as a way to create a pool of qualified Frontier technicians for the future, which in turn could reduce contractor use. We are excited by the promise of this program and await the CWA’s response. 

At the same time, the current job security protection has been extended for the life of the new four-year contract. And we have an agreement on a 13.5% wage increase over the 4-year life of the contract, which will be put into action as soon as this deal is ratified by the CWA membership.

We consider this to be a “win-win” solution all around and would like to get this contract tentatively agreed to and out for ratification as soon as possible. 

We will continue to keep you updated on developments.    

Mary Pat Rodriguez

SVP Construction & Engineering - West, CNO | 469-928-0761 | Dallas, TX

This communication is confidential. Frontier only sends and receives email on the basis of the terms set out at

 With her opening paragraph, your bargaining committee is excited to hear the only issue left is the

FiOS Jobs of the Future MOA that we want to eliminate as it no longer exists as the company cannot use the term FiOS.


It leads us to assume the company is agreeing to all the Union Proposals remaining. This is great news Mary Pat! We await the company to send those over with a TA and initials on them. Your committee is ecstatic to see that the company is going to recognize all your hard work with a 13.5% wage increase during the life of the 4 year agreement.

Mary Pat also states that there is a proposal regarding an Apprenticeship Training Program which they will spend up to 1 million dollars towards it, and she is waiting on CWA’s response to it.  We have not yet received this proposal but since she said there is one, the company should be passing it any time now.  This great news as Mary Pat is third in line from the CEO.  So it must be true.

Even though Mary Pat has not been at the table, we are glad she has been forthcoming with what the company is offering the CWA. The committee believes with this announcement from Mary Pat and if the FiOS Jobs of the Future MOA is deleted, we agree with her and would consider this to be a “win-win” solution all around and would like to get this contract tentatively agreed to and out for ratification as soon as possible. Your committee has been reaffirmed that a company-Union partnership is possible.

We look forward to Mary Pat continuing to bargain in the field and her commitment to keep you updated on developments.

As always, the Union will continue to work hard and send out our bargaining reports in a timely manner.

In Unity,
Your Bargaining Committee



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