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Frontier Bargaining Report #59

04 Oct, 2022


Brothers and Sisters,

Blue Cross Blue Shield and the network providers THR and UTSW reached an agreement today.  While the details are not known, below is a link for the report from WFAA.

Just because they have come to an agreement does not let the company off the hook on the board charge for bargaining in bad faith.  It does, however, allow us to focus solely on the healthcare proposal now that your doctors will remain In Network.  We will follow through with the board charge.

It comes as no surprise that Greg Stephens has remained silent on the cordial invitation to attend negotiations.  Hopefully, he will show up so he can report first hand facts instead of hearsay.  Maybe the Union and Greg will be able to do a joint bargaining report….

We need more pictures of the shoddy contractor work.

>>> Stay UNITED…

>>> Make your voice heard…

>>> Sign up a new member today…

>>> Work Smart, Work Safe, Work to Rule…

In Unity,
The Bargaining Committee



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